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ORAL-ENGLISSH-OBJ 1-10 BEDBEADCCA 11-20 ECDCCCDCCB 21-30 ECEDDCECAC 31-40 DAADEDCDDD 41-50 CEBECAEDEB 51-60 DCAEBDECCA =============================== = ENG-OBJ 1-10 EAEACACEDD 11-20 BADBECAAAE 21-30 EADDEBCABA 31-40 BDCABCBBBC 41-50 BADABEDECE 51-60 ABBAEBBBDE 61-70 ACADACDBAB 71-80 DBCDCEBDBE 81-90 DCACDBAEAB 91-100 DADCCACDDD =============================== = 5a) Because they had opposed africa as a site 5b) they claimed that the writter wants the fight to be moved to new york 5c) Because the writter don’t want the work of honest boxing promoters ruined for new york 5d) the open massage is that the president should not let george and dick out of the city 5e) i)Adverbial clause ii)Modifying the verb heard 5f) they felt unhappy 5g) they had a joyfull mood 5h) i)circulated— spread ii)ruined— destroyed iii)routine— regular iv)jammed— stuck v)appeal— plead vi)atmostphere— feeling =============================== = 6a) Because,many deadly diseases which are highly contagious are as a result of unhyginic habits 6aii) in oder to help people develop good health habits and maintain a healthy environment 6bi) vaccines are administered because many disease which can easily become fetal can be prevented through vaccination 6bii) Because vaccines helps the person’s body to quickly provide immunity against the germ by producing appropriate germ fighting anti bodies which will later prevent any further of future infection of the person 6ci) they poison the body system causing great pain,malfunctioning and eventually debility and death 6cii) they have caused diseases and epidemic which has wiped out towns and villages ============================ No1 HONESTY IS THE BEST LEGACY Do you think that “Honesty is the best legacy”? This is an old and often repeated proverb, but it is true? It has asuspiciously worldly flavor, for it means that from a worldly point of view it pays to have honesty. Now a man of complete honesty will not ask whether honesty pays or not. He feels he must be honest, even if honesty brings him loss or suffering, simply because it is right to be honest and wrong to be dishonest. This proverb is therefore of little use to people of sincere honesty: it is really meant only for those unprincipled men who will be honest only if honesty pays, and will be dishonest if they think honesty will pay them worse. Probably honesty does pay in the long run. In business, for example, a man who deals straight forwardly with the pubic, who sells at fair prices, who gives good quality, and can be relied upon not to cheat, will generally establish a reputation that will be a fine business asset. People will be glad to deal with him; and though he may not make a fortune he will have a sound and satisfactory business. On the other hand, there is no doubt that success is often due to trickery, and great fortunes have been built up upon dishonesty. Too many successful rogues have proved by experience that for them dishonesty had been the best policy. Of course some of these people come to a bad end, and lose all they have gained by their lies; but many maintain their worldly success is more due to ability, lucky opportunities, and business cunning, than to honesty. And many examples could be given of men who, from a worldly point of view, have failed because they have scrupulous honesty. A martyr who prefers to be burned at the stake rather than say what he believes to be false, may be a hero; but in the eyes of a worldly man, who thinks only of worldly success, he is a sad failure. But if we look at such cases from the spiritual point of view – if we consider that truth and righteousness are far more important than wealth and rank and prosperity – then, in the highest sense, honesty is the best policy in the end. “For what it shall profit a man if he gain the whole world and lose his own soul?” =============================== = QUESTIONS section A You are required to answer only one question from this section your answer should not be less than450 words all questions carry equal marks you are advised to spend about 45miunte on this section =============================== = 1) write a story that best illustrates the saying, ”honesty is the best policy” 2)write an article suitable for publication un the national newspaper on the benefits of interschool sports competition 3)your uncle is about to marry another wife, write a letter adversing him on the implications of the decision especially in the view of the economic situation in the country 4)the literary and debating society of your school is organizing a debate entitiled capital punishment should be meted out to people who embezzle public funds write your argument for against the propostitionpropostition ------ comment to appreciate 09036880531

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