Do you know you can invite all your friends to the Facebook page with one click? This guide will help you learn how to invite friends to the Facebook page with one click and create a huge fan page with a large number of followers.
Facebook page is the best place to share something with your followers. In fact, the biggest problem with your facebook profile is that it accepts a limit of 5000 friends while fan pages do not. There are several advantages of using Facebook pages on facebook profile and if you are a professional, marketing or a business person then you benefits more.
While you can share status updates, photos, videos, tags of friends and A Few more things on your profile facebook, facebook pages allows you to sell your services to the followers, even set up an answering assistant and the functionality of your Facebook profile. As a web developer and internet marketer, facebook pages have helped me to connect with the followers of my web page and agrees with them.
The only downside to facebook pages is that you always need to have a Facebook account to create the facebook page.
So if you want a big fan Facebook page for you or your brand, there are various options to do so. You can show your facebook page on the webpage and get likes or you invite your facebook friends to like the page. So the last option left is to invite your Facebook friends to like your page which is a free and an effective option.
It's really easy to invite your friends in a few minutes. But when you have 1000+ people in your friends list, it will be tedious and time-consuming.
As there could be other many people like you and me who will face Same issues, I decided to share methods thesis here. Since all these methods, scripts or applications are tested personally so you do not have to worry about security.
I use thesis methods for a while now and I can guarantee it will not affect your account at all.
So, this article will help you learn how to invite all facebook friends to like your page at a time.

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