Amazing Things About FaceApp That You Must Know

Recently, Wireless Lab has developed a new app named FaceApp, the app went much viral because of that special ability it has to predict user transformation of faces in years to come, it is either it makes you look younger or older and the special part is that it can even change your whole gender either from Male to Female or Female to Male, is this no interesting enough? Yes, it is.
It’s will look funny when you see your photograph transformed into another thing entirely, especially when it makes you look younger or older, but the app user don’t actually know the the app has a privacy and user don’t care about their privacy been uploaded online.
If you are using the FaceApp, it means you are exposing your whole look online. Even most celebrities and leaders have used the app and they had a face transformation.

Problems facing FaceApp

As stated in the app terms and condition of the app. By using the FaceApp you agree to give them rights to use your name, image or any form of media you upload without any compensation.
This actually means you can’t receive any payment for it or have any rights to complain or force them to take it down. The FaceApp store your image as long after you might have even deleted it from your phone.
This shown how users give away vital information for free on the internet using free apps. 
The developer was questioned on the privacy of user data and he stated that user data and uploaded images were transferred to Russia but instead it was spread across Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services.
The FaceApp was developed by Wireless Lab and the founded by Yaroslav Goncharov.
Over 150 million images and names have been synched on the FaceApp which makes it worrisome. And they have a never-ending, irrevocable royalty free license to do almost everything they wish with them.
Source: Widetechguide

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