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Monday, 13 May 2019

OGA Sim: How to Get 125% Data Bonus on GLO 4G LTE SIM

In like manner they introduced Glo Oga Sim. Glo Oga SIM is the most recent Glo data offer in town, it gives all Glo subscribers 125% data bonus over the standard data package on their subscriptions.

To Enjoy this offer you can easily go and register for a Glo 4G SIM or upgrade your existing 3G SIM to a 4G SIM at any Glo office nearest to you.

If you have done that then you can start enjoying 125% bonus on your data subscriptions for at least the next 4 monththat the offer is expected to last and hopefully the offer might be extended beyond 4 months.

Below are some of the amazing data bonus you can get on your Glo OGA Sim.

N1,000 – 3.6GB
N2,500 – 12.5GB and so on.

According to the recent information on Glo official twitter handle:

" A new subscriber who buys N100 worth of data subscription will automatically get 230MB of data instead of the usual 80MB; someone who buys N1000 data package gets 4 .8GB instead of 1.6GB; N2000  fetches the subscriber 8.2GB instead of 3.6GBN2,500 gives a whopping 12.9GB instead of 5.7GB, while N3000 award enormous 15.7GB Instead of 7GB and much more."

Oga SIM’ is a ‘must have’ for everybody, as it links subscribers with their passion points, and the value to be derived from the product can either be shared or gifted.

Oga SIM offers also extends to old data subscribers who have not subscribed to any Glo data services in the last three months.

How To Benefit From The Oga SIM Data Promo

Once you have gotten the new Glo SIM card, you simply just dial the *777# code to choose any data plan.

It’s applicable for all Glo customers (both new and exiting) as existing customers can benefit from this also, on an offer of 25% data bonus.


✅ Only Glo customers will benefit from this amazing offer.

✅ Existing customers can benefit from the promo as long as they have never used data before or haven’t subscribed for the last three months.

✅ Any device can be used for the promo.

✅ The promo is available for qualifying customer for 4 months and is renewable; If you want to buy another data plan before the old one expires.

✅ The promo is for all new customers Irrespective of SIM type (LTE or 3G)

✅ All you need do is simply dial *777# to choose any data plan.

FAQS & TIPS ON GLO Oga Sim Promo

Who Can Get the Glo Oga Sim Bonus?

√ Glo OGA sim is open to everyone; Existing customers can swap their sims to Oga SIM.

How to Update My Glo Sim to 4G LTE OgaSim??

If you Glo Sim isn’t 4G LTE, you wouldn’t be eligible to get your Glo bonus data, you, therefore, need to visit the nearest gloworld/glozone outlet with a valid ID card and the old Sim to upgrade to a Glo 4G LTE Sim.

Can Oga Sim Work on 3g??

Your Glo Oga sim will still function on a 3G network to ensure you get a seamless data connectivity.

NOTE: You must be within a 3G or 4G data coverage area to enjoy fast internet connectivity. 

Subscribers on an Edge network will experience a slower internet connection.

Kindly share and drop comments below.

Always visit NAIJAMP3BAZE Enjoy!!

Thursday, 17 January 2019

Unlimited Data Cheat 2019 On MTN, Glo, Airtel, 9mobile(Etisalat)

Unlimited Data Cheat 2019 On MTN, Glo, Airtel, 9mobile(Etisalat)

Jan 16, 2019 2:49 PM
I hope you all know that free browsing cheat 2019 is currently available on 9mobile, mtn, airtel and glo. Mtn free browsing cheat involves the use of N-VPN app to get free 1.8GB of data monthly whereas glo cheat, 9mobile cheat and airtel cheat are not as potent as it used to be. There is a way to get free mb or free data on all network.
You may already know about this free data app, some may think its not working anymore but the truth is that its still working even in this 2019. Its dent app, dent app gives free data on any networks of choice.
Download Scooper App Here for free airtime, data and real cash to your bank account. learn more about the app by
For those of you who taught dent app is no longer functional, think again. For the newcomers, dent is an android app for 9mobile, airtel, glo and mtn free data. All you have to do is;

Mtn, Airtel, Glo, 9mobile Free Browsing Cheat 2019 Via Dent Free Data App

√ Download the dent app from here
√ Install the app
√ Get your referral code and start sharing to get free dents which you can exchange for data.

Sunday, 23 September 2018

Latest Glo MB/Data Cheat, Get 5.2GB for N100 and 10.4GB for N200

Hello guys, I bring to you another cheap browsing cheat on Glo Nigeria. I won't call this free browsing cheat, as we are paying little for more value.

How about getting a whopping 5.2GB for N100 and 10.4GB for N200 on Glo network ?

Interesting right? Recall, we once posted Airtel cheap data cheat by porting lines , which gives 2GB for N100 and 10GB for N500 . That same steps is quite similar to this.
Before posting this, it has been tested and confirmed by Anonymous Walker. In this post, we will reveal the full steps to enjoy this cheap Glo data trick. Kindly follow me along.

How To Get Glo 5.2GB For N100 and 10.4GB For N200

Note that this may be Sim selective. So let's get down to the full steps.

First of all, you need to migrate to Glo Jollification package by dialling *603# and a whopping bonus of 10.4GB will smile at you on every recharge of
N200 via your Bank or recharge through OneCard ( N200 PIN ) while 5.2GB will also smile at you on every recharge of N100 via bank or recharge through OneCard (N100 PIN).

How To Check Data Balance

Dial #122# to check your data balance.

That's all. Enjoy while it last. Don't forget to leave a comment below and also share this post.

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

9Mobile 1GB For N200 Data Plan and Subscription Code in Nigeria

Hello, you guys recall Etisalat Ramadan unique package? Which offers all Etisalat customers 1GB for just N200 all through. Last month, I tried to prompt the plan, however it was not successful, which made me agree that 9Mobile has stopped the package. Lately, I received some message from the provide (9mobile) which says: “special package for you! Get 1GB data for just N200. Dial *929*10# Now. /three days.”. I continue with the activation of the plan and the activation become a hit! It means the 9Mobile has reopened the package. Now, you can resubscribe to 9Mobile 1GB data for just N200! it works for all gadgets starting from Android, iOS, Laptops, Modems, Blackberry, BB10, windows phone, Symbian/Java telephones; you just name it. To subscribe to 9Mobile 1GB data for N200 ✓ Recharge your line with N200 and dial *929*10# to prompt the package. 9mobile free browsing 9mobile free browsing
✓ Subscription valid for three days. ✓ Dial *228# to check your data balance. note: you’ll be receiving blunders messages while seeking to activate the plan, just keep dialing the code and you’ll without a doubt be activated for the plan. If the 9Mobile network is good in your place/location and you’ve better things to do with the data package, like stay streaming, heavy downloading, upgrading/updating the pc and Smartphones. This subscription is particularly for you. you can subscribe and re-subscribe any time you desired, e.g. you can join the plan 5 times at once. this indicates with N1000 you can get 5GB. How Can i am getting 5GB For N1000? without a doubt load your 9Mobile sim with N1000, just keep dialing *929*10# until they deduct the entire cash and 5GB given to you. Dial *228# to check your data balance the coolest thing about this plan is that it doesn’t zap the data anyhow. I used 9Mobile unique offer of 3GB with N600 to upgrade my blackberry 10 to the latest OS which was 2.7GB and after upgrading I still have 209MB left after the upgrade.‎‎

Saturday, 6 May 2017

*. Glo Data Bundles Plan for Heavy Users (Monthly Plan) – Usable on all the Device

*. Glo Data Bundles Plan for Heavy Users (Monthly Plan) – Usable on all the Device

Just like I have said for the Airtel bundles categories, there is nothing like Weekly or Daily bundles plan for heavy users expect for the Night, Hourly based and weekend plan. Below are the Glo Plans for Heavy users using Android, Blackberry, Laptops, PC, Windows.

i. N1k to get 2GB – Dial *127*53# for 30 days
ii. N2k to get 6GB – Dial *127*55# for 30 days
iii. N2500 to get 10GB – Dial *127*58# for 30 days
iv. N3k to get 12GB – Dial *127*54# for 30 days
v. N4k to get 18GB – Dial *127*59# for 30 days
vi. N5k to get 24GB – Dial *127*2# for 30 days
vii. N8k to get 48GB – Dial *127*1# for 30 days

There are many other Cheaper Plans, where you can get 60GB with N15k, 90GB with N18k and rest of them. There are also Glo Weekend and Hourly Night Plan i.e the Glo Flexi Plans including the Glo CAMPUS Data BOOSTER. You can See More of the Glo Data Internet Bundle Plan – Which are usable for all devices.